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medical courier service!

Same Day Express Courier is completely aware that the dependable and prompt courier services are helpful to saving life of mankind during the urgent need of diagnostic medical equipment in the hospital or during the surgery.

Our team daily provide the NHS and top PPE companies with the time-sensitive consignments,and we have established ourselves as a experienced medical courier service.

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Same Day Couriers

medical courier service

For the time-sensitive deliveries hospitals,doctors,offices and many other healthcare organization usually rely on the reputable and secure courier service.So, Same Day Express Courier should be our best choice for the delivering and pathological and other medical samples x-rays or scan,drugs,patient records and the medical equipment even the furniture or medical equipment.
We often collaborate with the other medical institutions,NHS and veterinary services to fulfill the high standards of the medical professional across the UK.
Our team have numbers of vehicles in comprises the refrigerated same-day service as well as vans and tucks which can able to transport the larger pieces of the medical equipment ,furniture and many other items.Moreover.with the number of 15,000 vehicles we have much capacity which our client need so there is always the courier option available.
Working with first class courier service like Same Day Express Courier for your medical transportation can also makes a lot of the financial sense, whether it is in the place of or in the addition to an in-house division of transport.With the no PAYE, and maintenance costs you will get the flexibility of having the best vehicle at the exact time.We have quick professional delivery service which delivered by our highly qualified drivers and with much more affordable service.
Why use our Medical Courier Service?

  • Same Day Express Courier is a reputable and secure courier service that specializes in time-sensitive deliveries for healthcare organizations such as hospitals, doctors' offices, and more.
  • Same Day Express Courier is an ideal choice for delivering medical samples, x-rays, scans, drugs, patient records, medical equipment, and even furniture, thanks to its fleet of vehicles, which includes refrigerated same-day service vans and trucks.
  • Same Day Express Courier collaborates with other medical institutions, NHS, and veterinary services to meet the high standards of medical professionals across the UK.
  • With a fleet of 15,000 vehicles, Same Day Express Courier has the capacity to meet the courier needs of its clients, ensuring that there is always a courier option available.
  • Working with Same Day Express Courier for your medical transportation needs not only ensures quick and professional delivery by highly qualified drivers but also makes financial sense, offering flexibility and affordability without PAYE and maintenance costs.

If you would like an immediate quote or more information on our scheduled courier services, you can call us on 020 4568 4675 or you can email us at info@samedayexpresscouriers.co.uk. Alternatively you can complete the quote form.

LoadLengthWidthHeightPallets *
Small Van
Length also available Refrigerated transport option also available (UK only)
Short Wheelbase
Length also available Refrigerated transport option also available (UK only)
Long Wheelbase
Length also available Refrigerated transport option also available (UK only)
Extra Long Wheelbase
Luton - Tail lift
*Height through back door 1.7m
7.5 Lorry
Height through back door 2.3m Tail lift max weight of 1000kg
1700 - 2500kg6.0m2.4m2.4m1214

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